Georgia Wilderness Society
Chattahoochee River Hike

On a beautiful fall day, October 30, 2011, with leaves in beautiful form, and sunlight sparkling off the shoals of the ‘Hooche, seven GWS members hiked a mile or more up the river in the East Palisades section of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, on the northwest side of Atlanta. We came across a few cliffs, geese, lots of dogs, and a bamboo forest, where the bamboo was about 4" thick and very tall. After lunch at the wooden platform overlooking the Devil’s Racecourse several hundred feet below, we continued upriver to trail’s end, then headed back to the cars, going inland through heavy forest for the return trip. Total distance was maybe 4 miles. Participants were Bonnie Gehling, Susan Bush, Garland Lee, Tom & Holly Payne, Curt & Irene Cole.