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Towaliga River 

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Towaliga River 2019

We had a good turnout of 11 canoers & kayakers with one very late, late show, and he had to buy a park pass. We started at High Falls SP and paddled & floated to the HWY 42 Bridge, about 8 river miles. The trip was wonderful with the water level just right for the shoals and the mountain laurel blooming with some honey suckle mixed in.

Participants were Bud, Nike, Tim, Jim, Irene, Curt, Lynn, Margaret, Terry, Truett, Jeff & Basil. Margaret & Lynn had the most “fun” being newbies on their sit on tops. Both got the opportunity to go swimming and one donated her tandem paddle to the Towaliga River Gods. Terry identified a Mississippi Kite we had the chance to see soaring above us. Had a great lunch stop and enjoyed the day on the Towaliga River. Looking forward to the next river trip.
Bud & Niki Queen

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Ocmulgee River Day Trip, 27 July 2019

Twelve canoers got on the river at 9AM after shuttling to Juliette. Jeff was late and had to leave his vehicle at the put-in. Bet he won't do that again. The paddlers were Bud, Niki, Genise, Barnard, two Guests (Dave & Jessica), Sharon, Truett, Bob, Terry, Bonnie, and last but not least, Jeff. The water level was just right on the Ocmulgee, but very shallow on the Towaliga where 5 stopped to have lunch. The rest went on into Juliette Lake and stopped at the island to snack and wait for us to catch up. After a long swim, float, and conversation, we all paddled on to the Juliette Park to takeout. No casualties were reported and it was a slow & easy float for us amateurs. Overall, a great trip. Now for the next one.
Thanks to all for helping with the shuttle. Bud Queen