Georgia Wilderness Society
Stone Mountain Hike 2010

Stone Mountain - March 2010:  On a cool, rainy & overcast March day, seven GWS members had sunny, bright faces as we enjoyed Stone Mtn Park!  Barbara Miller, Curt Cole, Kathleen Waton, Roger Ulsky, Margaret Clay hiked the 5 miles around the base of the mountain.  Tammy & Basil rode the tram up to the top of the mountain.  Pretty lakes with ducks, geese and beaver and more trails than we had time to hike.  Irene Cole met us at Mama Mia's afterwards in old Stone Mtn where we dined on delicious & the-real-thing Italian food.
1st:  Basil, Tammy, Curt, Kathleen, Roger, Barbara
2nd:  A beaver's handiwork.
3rd:  Mill on the lake.
4th:  Which way to go?
5th:  Barbara running from the train.
6th:  Barbara, Margaret, Roger, Curt
7th:  The Trail
8th:  The familiar face of Stone Mountain
9th:  Barbara, Kathleen & Roger