Georgia Wilderness Society
Photos from our adventures

I am waiting to hear from some of the participants of the September 2004 trip to Sapelo Island for a write up of the trip.  When I get that, this page will be updated.  In the meantime, here are a few photos from the trip thanks to Tom and Cecil...which included renting kayaks and paddling over to Blackbeard's Island.
Making our way over to Blackbeard's Island on a cloudy day.
Beachwalking on Blackbeard's Island
Back at our home beach on Cabretta Island
Another old tree skeleton at the Bone Yard.
Dinner at Lula's Kitchen is always a welcome bit of relaxation on a Saturday night.
And speaking about relaxation...that is what Sapelo Island is all demonstrated by Niki above and Mike below
How on earth did we bring so much stuff with us?