Georgia Wilderness Society
Photos from our adventures

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Seventeen GWS members headed south for one of our favorite destinations on the Georgia Coast....Sapelo Island and the Cabretta Island Group Campsite.  We caught the ferry in Meridian and were off on our adventure.
Almost as soon as we arrived, we headed to beach....where we were very shocked to see how much the sand spit had changed, even since May, when some of us had visited Cabretta's beach.  It had grown much larger and moved 50 yards southward in only a month.
Others in the group had a much more slow-paced trip on their agenda, and so they took to the nearest hammock for a short nap.
Behind the swimmers in the photo on the left, you can see a significant wall of sand and in the background is someone walking across it.  This is the sand spit!  At low tide, it now forms a very large swimming hole with the beach on one side and then this tall dune of sand and a few hundred yards of more beach on the other side before reaching the ocean.  We enjoyed the warm water of the swimming hole, along with the critters that it held.
A brief shower or two, along with a soaking rain one night didn't dampen our spirits at all on this four night trip.  There were plenty of other days with sun for romping around.  The bugs also were not too bad, considering that it was June.
And after the rain passed, it was back to the ocean for more swimming...although it was a little more breezy out on the beach than in camp.
The sunsets over the marsh between Cabretta and Sapelo Islands are always nice, but we were treated to several very beautiful ones.
And the after-dark stories, laughs, and tall tales are always fun.  It was a bit warm for a campfire on all but one night, so we made do with a candle instead.
The following morning was a windy one.  5 to 10 mph winds were in the camp...which was nice.  The beach had easily a steady 25 mph wind with higher gusts.  This really kicked up the waves and sand too!
Our last day was spent packing up, eating up our cooler contents, and more swimming as the weather took a turn for the better with sun and not quite so wild seas.
And as time went on, we got a bit silly, as we waited for the bus to come pick us up.
We also had a few animal visitors come by to say goodbye, including a corn snake and the armadillo running behind the tent in the photo below.
As departure time came near, we tried to enjoy the last few minutes on Cabretta.
In no time at all, the five days and four nights of our trip was over and done.  We were all a little sad to see it end so soon.  We hopped upon the ferry for the ride back to the mainland, and then the long drive back home.  Along the way, we did get to see one more very nice sunset though.  It almost seemed that we were able to take a little bit of the island's sunset back home with us!