Georgia Wilderness Society
Lazer Creek

It don't get any prettier than this (in this area) were words to describe Saturday's paddle on Lazer Creek. A cool cloudy morning gave way to sunshine in the afternoon, as six GWS types and one guest queued up to launch on Lazer. After the Class 4 launch in Class 1 water, we enjoyed a tranquil, very scenic float for the first part of the trip. Mountain laurel and dogwood were in bloom along the banks which were interspersed with rock outcrops. The narrow stream soon widened but the peaceful atmosphere continued for a while. We had a refreshing lunch on a sandbar, pondering and discussing the action to come. Wildlife spotters saw beaver, deer and a u/i furry creature descending from a tree. Fowl included a couple of Canadas with a six-egg nest, blue heron, redtail hawk, ducks and kingfishers. In the pm, a series of rock gardens and rapids were encountered. With a good water level due to recent rains, we managed to run everything successfully, including the 5 foot slanting drop and immediate 3 foot ledge below. Our take-out was the new facility around the corner on the Flint. Our usual suspects included Curt Cole, Jeff Sorenson, Basil Youman, Jo Scott, Bonnie Gehling and Terry Ross. Everyone welcomed Dave Gardner, a prospective new member, to our group of river rats. The trip leader would like to congratulate everyone for their expertise and thank them for their cooperation and camaraderie. Special thanks to Bonnie for shuttle duties and helping me do the scouting. Thanks to Dave for helping change the tire that went flat within five miles of home (the only negative in a great day). 

Goose Eggs on Island