Georgia Wilderness Society
Upper Flint River

John slips by a stand of shoal lilies.
Gus enjoys the day on the Flint.
Home Sweet Home for the first night
Chris is all smiles about the terrific water flow on the river.
John and Terry take a break on the sandbar.
Can you spot the deer?  We almost didn't as we floated by it.  She looked like she had just swam the river, and may have been too tired to run.
Curt tries to figure out where we are on the map.
Morning on the second day with a little fog over the water.
Joe was our official fisherman.  He caught several bass, brim, and even a crappie.
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Flint River Spring Paddle
by trip leader Curt Cole

After all the rain and high water of last year, we finally had good luck for our Flint River weekend. A beautiful spring day greeted us, Saturday, 23 March, 2019, as seven GWS members and a guest launched our two canoes and five kayaks at Crooks Landing Road/Montezuma Bluffs. Water level was around 4.65'/2,800 cfs on the Montezuma gauge. A dozen or more sandbars were exposed, and the level could've gone up another 3'-4' and we still would've had sandbars to camp on.

This was a new section of river for most of us. Not much development on it. The largest sandbar we passed did have an elaborate camp on it. We saw some other boaters, mostly motorboat fishermen, but several paddlers too. We stopped to camp about 2:30, after roughly 12 miles. Somewhere along the way Tom saw a 'gator he judged to be 12'. The next day Terry saw one the same size and got a photo as it lazed on the sandbar.

We passed the afternoon shooting the bull, gathering firewood, then sitting around the evening campfire eating up Jo's cookies and watching Curt try to cook biscuits on a stick. They wished Chef Curt better luck next time.

Sunday dawned just as nice as Saturday and we got a fire going to knock off the chill. Once we finally got on the river again, it took only a little over 3 hours to leisurely paddle the remaining 9 or 10 miles to Reeves Landing.

Of note is the fact that after years of free use of the ramp at Montezuma Bluffs/Crooks Landing, the DNR is now requiring that users have a fishing or hunting license to enter this area. I don't fish to speak of, but I went ahead and paid the $15 for an annual license. It helps support the installation and maintenance of access points.

Participants were: Rob Apsley, Curt & Irene Cole, Tom Payne, Terry Ross, Jo Scott, Jeff Sorensen, and Rob's guest Bob Minarcine. Thanks for the friendship and participation.
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