Georgia Wilderness Society
Dauset Trails

Dauset Trails Hike – Saturday, November 9, 2019
Seven hardy souls braved the chilling wind and 38° sunny weather to hike the 5 miles from the Dauset Trails mountain bike parking area to Indian Springs State Park. Once in the woods, the wind was less of a concern and we gradually warmed up as we kept a steady pace. At some point, the trip leader, Margaret, took everyone left instead of right, so a little bushwhacking was in order and soon we were back on track. 
We saw very little wildlife, one deer and a squirrel or two. However, we enjoyed the changing colors in the trees. As we got close to Indian Springs, we stopped for a few minutes to sit on the benches at the “amphitheater” to eat our snacks and marvel at the various colors of the trees along McIntosh Lake. Once at the end of the 5-mile hike, where we had left a couple of cars, three hikers departed and the remaining four hiked the return trip to the Dauset Trails mountain bike parking area to make it a 10 mile hike.
Participants were Margaret Clay, Shirley Williams, Lynn Rivenbark, Bonnie Gehling, Jim Nelson, Tim Houston and guest, Kat Pfeiffer.

First Day Hike at Dauset Trails
January 1, 2020

I hope everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather on the first day of 2020. Eight GWSers certainly were……at Dauset Trails. The weather was beautiful and only a little chilly as we followed the trail into the woods. One member stopped at the grassy field about halfway and settled in with her book for a wonderful, peaceful afternoon. The other seven members hiked the remainder of the five miles toward Indian Springs State Park. The plan is always to stop at the amphitheater to sit for a few minutes and eat our snacks. Jo and Margaret were busy talking and blew right past it without realizing it. The trip leader, Margaret, who’s hiked this trail many times, soon knew something wasn’t right, so they turned around and found the rest of the group at the amphitheater, wondering where those two were. From there the group finished the final 1¼ miles to Indian Springs where three hikers ended their hike and shuttled back to the parking area. After handing off our bags of collected trash from the trail and saying “see ya next time”, the remaining four began the hike back. We stopped at the grassy field for our “wood nymph” and then finished the trek. The weather was beautiful and the company was most pleasant and enjoyable.

Participants were Jo Scott, Bonnie Gehling, Deborah Fordham and her guest, Bonnie Waldrep, Debi and Jimmy Nelson, Ron Hoppel and Margaret Clay, trip leader.