Georgia Wilderness Society
Wildflower Hike

The 2004 Wildflower Hike in the Great Smoky Mountains was a great success when it comes to flowers.  There were lots of them everywhere.  Despite a little rain on Friday night, the hike was fairly dry on Saturday.  Sunday was a different matter.  Despite the steady rain, we still got in a short walk in before packing for home.  Participants included Chris and Ward Milner, Tom and Holly Payne, and Chris Bryson.  We went the week after the "official" Wildflower Pilgrimage, but they were still blooming.

I don't guarantee all of my identifications bon the following pages, but I believe them to be correct (or at least close).  If you spot something that is wrong, please send me a note by email.  This webpage has photos of the folks who went on it, the link at the bottom will take you to the photos of the some other goodies.  Enjoy.
On top of the Thomas Divide Trail, it was very foggy.
Tom and Holly demonstrate the joy of figuring out how to put up a new tent
Ward carefully eyes a shrub in order to identify it.